Judith J Bentley

Michael, I just listened to the podcast at the healing place where are you are the guest speaker. I am a survivor, now age 75. I spent 40 years in therapy, but I am still not healed. I had blamed myself until I realized this year that I had had the wrong kind of therapy (CBT) when what I needed was somatic therapy to heal what my body remembers even when I don’t and EMDR. I was sexually abused and raped repeatedly by my father, a pedophile and sociopath, and a Methodist minister, who hid his crimes under the canopy of the church. My dissociative and sometimes catatonic mother was no friend to me. She knew about the abuse and did nothing to help me. Since I learned about the transgenerational legacy of trauma, My intuition told me that my parents had also been severely abused as children so I developed compassion for the children they had once been. However, I was relieved when they both died. I did not love those people who could not parent in nurturing and supportive ways. I live alone with my 2 cats and have struggled with agoraphobia as well. I have no close friends living in my city. In my 30s, I entered therapy and, at the suggestion of my therapist, I went Publuc with my story on TV, radio and in the press. I also served on a panel with social workers and therapists before the local police association. I have suffered with CPTSD and depression through my adult lifeZ Thank you for sharing your story and your excellent presentation on the podcast. JB❤️


    I am so sorry I did not see your comment until just now. You are absolutely amazing. Sharing your story publicly to help fellow survivors is a truly heroic act. We are all in this together and we will heal together. In case you’re interested, we have a private discussion group on Facebook where you can get support and understanding from your fellow survivors. Here’s the link: