2 Free Virtual Events in June: a poetry reading and a play

In the virtual play Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor, Michael Broussard talks about revisiting the schools where he was bullied.

Get your tickets for 2 free virtual events in June: a Survivor Poetry Reading on Zoom on Saturday June 4th and a virtual performance of the interactive play Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor on Sunday June 5th. Details below.

Survivor Poetry Reading on Zoom
Sat, June 4, 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT
Survivors of sexual abuse read their poetry.

Ask A Survivor play reading + Q&A on Zoom
Sun, June 5, 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT

From Children’s Advocacy Centers of Pennsylvania: “We hosted a virtual performance of Ask A Survivor and it felt just as dynamic and interactive as an in-person event. This show is as honest as it gets about the hard reality of child sexual abuse. As Michael tastefully recreates through dramatic monologue the most painful scenes of his childhood, we become “witnesses” to the abuse that Michael suffered alone and in silence for so many years. Yet this carefully guided journey does not abandon its audience in those dark places of memory. Michael strikes a “just-right” balance between raw emotional intensity and self-reflective commentary. Each memory-scene is followed by an opportunity for audience engagement—and Michael creates a genuinely safe space for participants to ask questions about this very sensitive topic. The brilliance of Michael’s approach comes down to this Q&A—without realizing it, we have been empowered to have a conversation that is still so taboo in our society. We leave the performance feeling compelled to pay greater attention to victims and survivors, to feel their pain more deeply, and to act more decisively to protect children from abuse.”