Call for Survivor Artists and Performers for Survivor Knights Philadelphia

Survivor Knights

We are seeking visual artists, speakers, storytellers, musicians, and other performing artists for a free event in Philadelphia co-sponsored by the North Carolina based arts community Survivor Knights and Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor.

Survivors of any kind of trauma, abuse, medical condition, or any other life challenge, are invited to display their visual art and/or to perform at Survivor Knights Philadelphia, Sunday afternoon, March 25th, 2018 at the Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. For driving and public transit directions to the Rotunda visit

To participate, send photos of your visual art or audio/video of your story, poetry, music, performance piece, etc to [email protected]. We will be accepting submissions until February 28th, 2018. Audio and video does not need to be professional quality. We just want to see/hear your work.

The Survivor Knights community is the brainchild of survivor and advocate Brian Cardoza, who is also the founder of the Broken Knee Club, a support and advocacy organization working to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse.

We look forward to showcasing your visual and performance art. Only together can we survive. Your darkest moments may be the light to another.

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Lynn Murphy

Thank you for your story in the Huffington Post! This is (or was) what it’s like for too many of us–painful, confusing, frightening, something you can’t talk about or something terrible will happen.
Ironically, Philadelphia, your base, is the home of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. When parents were being sued for damages based on memories of long-ago abuse, in 1992 their experts came up with a “false memories implanted by therapists” defense. The group spent $7M over the next ten years promoting it.
I’m glad you’re there.


    Thank you for your kind words. We are all part of a worldwide survivor community, and I truly believe that together we can move mountains. We can also do so much to help each other heal, just by reaching out and hearing each other. I did not know Philadelphia was the base for that horrible “false memories” movement. It frustrates me that so many people out there are actively working to prevent us from being heard, supported and healed. On the other hand, I think the tide is starting to turn, with the #MeToo movement and some changing attitudes in general. The fact that the Huffington Post agreed to print my article tells me that the media is moving to support us.